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My name is Brandon and I am the owner of CTR Ring Shop.com, a website that sells CTR rings. I created this blog because in the process of selling CTR rings, I had the opportunity hear so many inspiring CTR ring related stories. I figured there are enough Latter-day Saints with uplifting stories that could inspire so many others, as they have me. Through these stories, we can truly learn what CTR means. Feel free to share your story and check back often, as a new story will be posted as often as often as possible! Enjoy!


Constant Companion

My CTR ring has helped me numerous times to make the right decision. It's like a constant companion to me always keeping an eye out for me and making sure I am living my life, each day being more and more like Heavenly Father.


CTR Means...

CTR means to me that I can always choose the right and do things that my Heavenly Father would want me to do.

CTR means choose the right where ever you are no matter if you have a reminder or not. I think that everyone should choose the right.

David & Amelia Ward
Randolph, UT


Physical Benefits to Living Spiritual Laws

As physical and psychological health issues of the American population seem to be a popular subject, simple spiritual suggestions by a particular religion have existed for nearly 2 centuries; and lately, scientists and dieticians seem to be agreeing with their teachings. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (known as LDS or Mormon) religion live a strict set of guidelines that have shown them to have a lower risk for cancer, heart failure, and stroke. This in turn means they tend to live a longer, healthier life. More...

First CTR Ring

I got my first CTR ring when I was 18 from my missionaries. At the time I went to visit my dad shortly after in TX and lost my ring in the grass and never found it so years pass and I get a new one. This time the Blue sparkle style and I still have it I wear it to face me instead of facing out to remind myself to choose the right when things get out of my control. It has helped me greatly over the years and I know will continue to help me in the future.

Michelle Dean
Silver City, NM


R-Rated Movie

I was at the mall with my friends one summer evening (non of which were Mormon). All of a sudden all of my friends wanted to go to the movies. We were at the front deciding what movie to go see. All of my friends wanted to see a R rated movie. When I told them I couldn't they kind of looked at me funny, but we chose a different one. One of my friends told me that they gained a lot of respect for me that day.

Rebecca Caton
Riverside, CA