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My name is Brandon and I am the owner of CTR Ring Shop.com, a website that sells CTR rings. I created this blog because in the process of selling CTR rings, I had the opportunity hear so many inspiring CTR ring related stories. I figured there are enough Latter-day Saints with uplifting stories that could inspire so many others, as they have me. Through these stories, we can truly learn what CTR means. Feel free to share your story and check back often, as a new story will be posted as often as often as possible! Enjoy!



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Shooting Star

I bought one of your rings about a year and a half ago, the shooting star one. I was wearing it on my flight to Pennsylvania this summer, and I sat next to a woman who loved stars. Through wearing my ring, her inquiring, and my faith I was able to share the gospel and give her a Book of Mormon. During that same trip I lost my ring at the beach, I just hope that one day someone will find it on the beach and the Lord will help them find His church!

Ellie Murphy
Salt Lake City, UT

A Personal Symbol

I've had my CTR ring for many years and although the letters are faded off completely, I wear it everyday and it continues to be a symbol of my standards and goals. I remember one instance where I was at a store and went to the register to buy my items and noticed the employee wearing a ring very similar to mine. I asked him where he had gotten his CTR ring. When He replied he looked confused and said it wasn't a CTR ring. His father had made it personally for him. He ended up asking me what a CTR ring was and I told him a little about how our church uses the letters to remind us of who we want to be. Although it was a short conversation, I have become more conscious of my ring and more determined to be a personal symbol to those around me to Choose The Right.

Lacey Huffaker
, UT


New York Mormon

My name is Susan Fowler and I guess you could say I'm a New York Mormon.

I've always considered myself blessed because I have always known that there was a loving God and with that knowledge came also the sure feeling that there must be a path, a way that was planned for me to know this God.

I spent most of my life as a seeker. I wanted to find that path.

As a child I was brought up by my mother to be a member of a certain church. I followed that teaching although I knew in my heart it was not the right one. When I was old enough to make my own decisions I left that church and set out on my quest.

It was a journey of many years that led my through the full spectrum of religious beliefs and value systems. I usually tell people that I have "auditioned" as many churches, ashrams, synagogues, mosques and temples as I could find. I have been methodized and calvinated. I have danced with the krishnas and chanted with the buddhists. I have quaked and shaked but drew the line at donning a veil.

In all those many trials and errors I never felt that I had found my God. I NEVER felt the desire to join these groups; I never felt the Spirit.

I guess the New York part of me required that I keep going and trying to see for myself; and to reserve commitment until I had found the absolute truth.

I KNEW that the path was there somewhere and it was my desire, my duty to myself and my God to find it.

AND I DID. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I love my CTR ring because it is symbol of my quest and the great reward that Heavenly Father has given me.

Susan Fowler

New York, NY


A Child Role Model

I purchased my CTR ring in July of 2007, right before my Baptism in September. I was so proud of my ring and didn't want to ever take it off!! A very close friend of mine, who helped me with my Baptism, had her little girl (9 yrs old) look at my ring. She fell in love with it! When in church, she sat next to me and told me how proud she was that she was in the "True Church", and that she had just made money with an extra chore....she had her Tithings in a baggie (all change of course).....and was beaming!! I told her that she was a "Beautiful Child of Heavenly Father" and I was lucky to have such a great role model!! She was very taken back by my comment...how can a grown up have a younger role model? I explained to her that we are all children of God...and that we can all learn from each other...no matter the age....she smiled...I smiled...and gave her my ring. That was a year ago....she still has yet to take it off!!

Suzette Robedeau
Las Vegas, NV


CTR means "Current Temple Recommend"

I am a member of the Provo Utah Grandview Stake and attended our regional conference today. There were over 135 stakes from Wasatch and Utah counties that attended the broadcast transmitted via satellite from the Marriott Center on BYU campus. In attendance was Ann Dibb, member of the Young Women General Board and daughter of President Monson, President Packer, President Utchdorf, and stake presidents from the BYU and Student stakes in the Provo and Orem areas.

The setting of the conference was a little less formal than a General Conference of the church, which made it fun to hear the general authorities of the church cracking more jokes than typical as they addressed thousands of members.

President Jensen, a stake president of the area gave a touching talk about being kind and caring to others. Sister Dibb talked about finding the “real” things in life; including finding real relationships, and real happiness. President Packer talked about missionary work, missionaries, and how we can help those that are of age and have not yet decided to serve, make that important decision to serve. He also stated that there were over 4400 missionaries serving from our region, and that there are enough missionaries currently serving to fill the Marriott Center two and a half times! That was awesome to hear!

Ever since Elder Utchdorf has been serving as a General Authority of the church, I always try to pay special attention to his talks. He has quickly become one of my favorites to listen to and learn from; his talk today was equally as inspiring to me. He gave the members of the church 3 “Tips to succeed in the lifelong conversion process”. They were: study the word of God daily, carry a current temple recommend, and speak with your Father in heaven daily.

One thing he said that I particularly enjoyed was the analogy he made with the meaning of the letters CTR. He acknowledged that CTR means “Choose the Right” but also mentioned that it can have another meaning, “Current Temple Recommend”. What a great reminder to have on my finger everyday! Whenever I put on my CTR ring, I am going to make sure that it becomes my reminder to always CTR and also live worthy to carry a CTR.

I hope that we, as members of the Lord’s true church, can always have the goal to CTR, whatever it may mean to you in your personal life. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Brandon Young, Admin
Provo, UT


Door Opener

Wearing the CTR ring is inspiring to me as a reminder of what we're here for on this earth to do and have a chance to teach the gospel to others. It is a door opener people ask what CTR means, expecting it to be initials of my wife or some other meaning. But when I tell them it means “choose the right” they are impressed and think it’s cool and it strengthens my testimony every chance I have to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Las Vegas, NV


Class Project

I have had a lot of missionary experiences with my CTR ring, and here is just one. For one of our class projects we had to make a poster on our culture and one of the things we had to include in the poster was our religion. So on my poster I put a picture of a CTR ring, and I pointed out my ring on my finger and I told everyone what it meant. Then everyone started pointing it out on my finger as I walked in the hallway or they would ask to look at it and would sometimes ask me other questions about the church. From then on I had more courage to share the gospel and my friends respected my standards more and knew more about the church. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share some of my gospel light.

Ana Hady