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My name is Brandon and I am the owner of CTR Ring Shop.com, a website that sells CTR rings. I created this blog because in the process of selling CTR rings, I had the opportunity hear so many inspiring CTR ring related stories. I figured there are enough Latter-day Saints with uplifting stories that could inspire so many others, as they have me. Through these stories, we can truly learn what CTR means. Feel free to share your story and check back often, as a new story will be posted as often as often as possible! Enjoy!


ALWAYS Choose the Right

I was teaching our Primary Children about choosing the right one recent Sunday. We went around the room, and children were sharing experiences with choosing the right. I felt we had the concept fully established in the minds of the children, when I asked a 4 yr. old, "Jared, how can you show that you can choose the right?" Jared responded, "Go that way!" So, back to square one. Later that day, Jared's mother found him coloring, using his right hand. Jared is a lefty. When she asked why, he replied, "I have to Mom. I promised our Primary President that I wil ALWAYS choose the right!"

-Nancy Taylor
Sherburne, NY


CTR means a lot to me. I didn't make good decisions for a long time. When my dad left, it helped me realize that all he ever wanted was to teach me about the church. I know it's all true! I love him so much and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have ever known about the church. Choose the right means to look at your options, look at what is right and choose it before its too late.



High School

I bought my best friend a CTR ring, but I have one of my own. I would wear it everyday to school. People at my high school would always ask what does CTR stand for and I would tell them. Normally they would ask why I would wear it and I told them it is a reminder to live righteously. A lot of my friends thought it was cool how I had that constant reminder to be good. The CTR ring tends to lead more in depth conversations of the Gospel also.


Letting in the Missionaries

A few months ago two elder missionaries knocked on my door whilst I was at home, many missionaries from many religions have regularly knocked on my door but due to various reasons such as religion, being uninterested or having plans, we have never invited them in. This was usually the decision of my parents. Now that I was older and capable of making my own choices, I invited them to come over the next day (sunday). I met with them the next day still being quite skeptical about it but open to what they had to say, I was turned. They took me to the chapel a few days later, I met with the institute and the other people my age, and also attended a sunday service. I really enjoyed the whole thing and do believe things happen for a reason, there must have been a greater force that brought them to my door this time and I was now willing to accept what they had to say. The whole church is very welcoming and feels like a community, The people are some of the best I have ever met and their beliefs are exactly for me, the transition wasn't hard. I was already living all of their beliefs. Being from a strong catholic background, I had been in churches all my life and was quite familiar with religion. My gran said that she doesnt mind what religion I am, because we all believe in one true god, don't we?

-Michelle Marques


Found Cell Phone

Once me and a friend we walking home after coming from the store. While we were walking he found a phone and he went trough to try and find whose it was. We found out but [my friend] wanted to keep it, I looked at my finger with the CTR ring on it and I told him that we should give it back to the owner. After debating for a while he gave in and we gave it to the lady. Funny thing is my mom knew the lady!



Constant Daily Reminder

I grew up wearing a CTR ring every day. It was a constant reminder any time I looked down to help me make the right choice. It wasn't until after I took off the CTR ring that I slowly started to become inactive and make choices that weren't the best for my life. Now, having been fully back in the church for a long time, I am getting a new CTR ring for this new chapter in my life. I love hearing my daughter say she is now a CTR in Primary - it is one of the few things she can spell, so I see it written everwhere. And I realized that I want to have that constant, daily reminder again every time I look down for myself so that I can always choose the right and plan on getting a ring for my daughter to wear when she is old enough.



Primary Prizes

I've been a primary teacher for quite a while, and I love giving prizes to my kids at the end of each year. When I had to move unexpectedly, I was so glad for your website. I made three orders in week, and they got here in plently of time for me to be able to give them to my kids before I moved. Thanks so much for your quick service!

Erin Wolfley
Laramie, WY


A Tangible, Visible Reminder

Amazing how a simple circular metal can influence a person. If a mental reminder doesn't come up on its own at times of need, the CTR ring serves as a tangible, visible reminder of who we are and what we must do. Furthermore, it becomes an easy conversation starter and member missionary tool. Many of my friends have been attracted to the unique style of the ring, different from the usual sparkling rock, and have inquired what the three letters mean. "Choose The Right," I say and carry on from there. From my previous purchase I included a CTR ring for a boy I was dating as a graduation present, in hopes to encourage him to choose the right as well. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the ring from last year, so I've decided to order another one from CTRringShop.com and am very excited for it to arrive soon!



Mission Reminder

My CTR ring is in Bulgarian. I served in the Bulgaria Sofia Mission from '99-'00. Having this ring on is not only a daily reminder to "choose the right," but helps me remember those sweet, humble Bulgarians--and be grateful for what I have, for they certainly didn't have much!


Keep Me Clean

I really like the CTR Ring because to me it's a way to keep me clean, because it reminds me to chose the right. And to have that initial in a place that you all the time see, like your hand, well its something that believe or not, can make the difference between keeping a clean state or not, just as the garment or the sacraments or the baptism. Well the thing is that to me it’s a must have and I am grateful for the person that invented the ring.

Miguel Angel Morales GarcĂ­a
Caguas, Puerto Rico


Life Guide

Hi my name is Tana and I think who ever thought of the CTR (choose the right) it was the greatest thing anyone could use as a life guide because if you always choose the right way in life then life will with ease. Yeah there will be rough times along the road but if you wear the the CTR ring and everytime you see it there on you then you will remember to choose the right thing.

Tana De Los Angeles
Visalia, CA


Temple In Payson Utah Announced!

On January 25th, President Thomas S. Monson announced the building of a temple in Payson Utah. This building will be a blessing to those currently making the drive to attend the Provo temple. More information, including the official announcement can be found at PaysonTemple.com


Endure To The End

I just ordered an ETTE ring for my friend because he is going to school and sometimes it gets hard for him and I wanted to get something as a reminder that it's all gonna work out, just Endure to the End!!