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My name is Brandon and I am the owner of CTR Ring Shop.com, a website that sells CTR rings. I created this blog because in the process of selling CTR rings, I had the opportunity hear so many inspiring CTR ring related stories. I figured there are enough Latter-day Saints with uplifting stories that could inspire so many others, as they have me. Through these stories, we can truly learn what CTR means. Feel free to share your story and check back often, as a new story will be posted as often as often as possible! Enjoy!


CTR in Keyna Aftica

In Africa people appreciate the LDS church so much and every time they see anybody with with a CTR ring they will always ask for it or where did you find that. Well to us in Kenya CTR reminds us to do right and to stand strong in the church. I have been printing T-shirts with CTR on them and it has helped us stand faithful in the church.

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